The Problem with Stakeholder Engagement

There is a problem with stakeholder engagement. We all use the term, but it often means different things to different people. This gives rise to confusion, crossed lines and inefficiencies.

I was recently in conversation on this very matter with the CEO of a well-known marketing consultancy. He put his finger on the challenge right away.

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The Difference Between Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Relationship Management Software

I frequently get asked the following questions:

  • Can I use our company’s CRM software for stakeholder engagement?
  • Is there any difference between Stakeholder Engagement and CRM?

Below, we have a guest post by Sarah Busque from Boréalis to answer these  questions and provide deeper insight. Boréalis is the leading stakeholder engagement software company, based in Canada, but operating world-wide, and here in South Africa too.

Over to you, Sarah!


What’s the Difference Between Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Relationship Management Software?

By Sarah Busque , Communications Advisor at Boréalis

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What does your CEO want to see in your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy?

Stakeholder engagement can seem like such a waste of time to the Executive Office. Lots of talking, no demonstrable increase in value or revenue, and it’s all about the touchy-feely stuff.

This is how you go about making sure your CEO understands the value that Stakeholder Engagement is delivering to your organisation: Continue reading “What does your CEO want to see in your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy?”

M&A and Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are often ignored in an M&A process. Mergers and acquisitions are complex. The process requires taking a bet on the future. Detailed analysis and careful reflection is required. The usual areas covered in coming to a decision involves understanding the nuances of the commercial, operational, financial, accounting, tax, legal, and organisational aspects of the envisioned venture and a review and condition assessment of the physical assets. There are many other considerations that need to be taken into account as well.

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Management is not a Dirty Word

What is the problem with management?
In the course of my consulting practice I often come across these plaintive cries:
• We need to transform our leadership.
• We need to be more dynamic.
• We need new models for transforming our organisations.

These organisations then throw themselves into the latest [expensive] leadership fad, and take their pick from Action Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Complexity Leadership, Conscious Leadership, Distributed Leadership, Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership or any of a dozen other promises of magically transforming methods. Each one professes to have the magic ingredient that all the other have somehow missed. These organisations spend a fortune on training, usually with an overseas consultant, and then when it does not have the desired result, they run off after the next fad. Personnel departments demonstrate their indispensability in this way.

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