M&A and Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are often ignored in an M&A process. Mergers and acquisitions are complex. The process requires taking a bet on the future. Detailed analysis and careful reflection is required. The usual areas covered in coming to a decision involves understanding the nuances of the commercial, operational, financial, accounting, tax, legal, and organisational aspects of the envisioned venture and a review and condition assessment of the physical assets. There are many other considerations that need to be taken into account as well.

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Management is not a Dirty Word

What is the problem with management?
In the course of my consulting practice I often come across these plaintive cries:
• We need to transform our leadership.
• We need to be more dynamic.
• We need new models for transforming our organisations.

These organisations then throw themselves into the latest [expensive] leadership fad, and take their pick from Action Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Complexity Leadership, Conscious Leadership, Distributed Leadership, Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership or any of a dozen other promises of magically transforming methods. Each one professes to have the magic ingredient that all the other have somehow missed. These organisations spend a fortune on training, usually with an overseas consultant, and then when it does not have the desired result, they run off after the next fad. Personnel departments demonstrate their indispensability in this way.

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From Them to Us: the South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.

I am crowdfunding a practical how-to book on stakeholder engagement. I know that it will be a valuable addition in your professional life.

I have spent the last nine years developing tried and tested tools and methods for effective stakeholder engagement in our South African context. They address the requirements of AA1000SES, King IV and Integrated Reporting. I have captured these along with time-saving tips and techniques in a book: From Them to Us: the South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.

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Stakeholder Engagement and King IV

King IV is right on the button! In a time of global political and economic volatility and governments scrambling to balance the socio-economic imbalances of the country.  Stakeholder negligence by  an organisation may result in the impairment of its licence to operate [LTO]. Once an organisation is labelled with a MustFall hashtag, it loses value and its Licence to Operate. Continue reading “Stakeholder Engagement and King IV”