Stakeholder Engagement and King IV

King IV is right on the button! In a time of global political and economic volatility and governments scrambling to balance the socio-economic imbalances of the country.  Stakeholder negligence by  an organisation may result in the impairment of its licence to operate [LTO]. Once an organisation is labelled with a MustFall hashtag, it loses value and its Licence to Operate. Continue reading “Stakeholder Engagement and King IV”

The 9 things to look for in the Stakeholder Engagement section in an Integrated Report.

We have all read the stakeholder engagement section in annual integrated reports. Very boring, aren’t they? They look like they have all been written by the same person. It is so obvious that they have been composed to meet a compliance requirement rather than to crowdcommunicate real knowledge about stakeholder engagement activities and achievements in support of business imperatives.

The following questions will help you assess the quality of stakeholder engagement reporting: Continue reading “The 9 things to look for in the Stakeholder Engagement section in an Integrated Report.”

What is Stakeholder Engagement?

The term ‘stakeholder engagement’ has crept into everyday usage. The concept is described by two multi-syllable words, which makes a complex concept even more complex.

Some folks see it as a function within public relations. Others see it part of communications; others see it as part of corporate social responsibility [another tirade of multi-syllable words!] Continue reading “What is Stakeholder Engagement?”

One Question for South African CEOs

Stakeholder engagement and trust building are terms we see frequently in the media and in company reports. Many organisations however, have a linear, action list, approach to stakeholder engagement: they have a list of stakeholders, each with an “issue” against them, and a timeline by when this must be ‘resolved’. They also confuse business goals with engagement objectives. Continue reading “One Question for South African CEOs”