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I have spent the last nine years developing tried and tested tools and methods for effective stakeholder engagement in our South African context. They address the requirements of AA1000SES, King IV and Integrated Reporting. I have captured these along my tips and techniques in a book: From Them to Us: the South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement. I want all stakeholder engagement practitioners to have access to this book. Click here.



Build your career as a stakeholder engagement professional! Make sure you receive your own copy “From Them to Us; The South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.”

The content of the book is listed below:

1           Introduction

2          The Strategic Role of Stakeholder Engagement

3          Licence to Operate

3.1        The background to LTO

3.2       Why is it important?

3.3       Who gives the LTO?

3.4       What are the benefits?

3.5       Categories of LTO

3.6       New challenges to be addressed

3.7       The LTO Range

4          Standards and Reporting

4.1       The AccountAbility Standards

4.1.1     The AA1000 Suite of Standards

4.1.2    Principles

4.2       The King Code of Corporate Governance

4.3       ISO 26000

4.4       GRI Reporting

4.5       IIRC Reporting

4.6       IFC Sustainability Framework

5          Overview of the Stakeholder Engagement Approach

6          Preparation and Planning for Engagement

6.1       The Project and Leadership Teams

6.2       Stakeholder Engagement Project Inception

6.2.1    Project Inception

6.2.2    Project Execution Plan

6.2.3    Preparatory activities

6.2.4    Scope determination

6.3       Setting objectives

6.4       Stakeholder Engagement Considerations

7          Identify and Assess Stakeholders

7.1        Analyse and Plan for Engagement

7.2       Identify stakeholders

7.3       The Stakeholder Map

7.3.1     Purpose of the Stakeholder Map

7.3.2    How to create a Stakeholder Map

7.4       The Issues Map

7.4.1    Purpose of the Issues Map

7.4.2    How to create an Issues Map

7.5       Levels of Engagement

8          Develop Engagement Plans

8.1       Stakeholder Name

8.2       Engagement Objective

8.3       Stakeholder Custodian

8.4       Current Situation

8.5       Preferred Situation

8.6       Key Issues

8.7       Engagement Levels

8.8       Engagement Resources

8.9       Metrics and Scorecard

8.10     Risk Assessment


9          Finalising the Engagement Strategy

9.1       Strategy

9.2       Operations

9.3       Performance Metrics

9.4       Programme Management

9.5       Communications

10        Assessing Capability

10.1      Prepare

10.2     Define skills and competencies

10.3     Inventory current staff capabilities

10.4     Train staff

10.5     Conciliation Skills

11         Stakeholder Engagement Budget

11.1       Special costs [project related]

11.2      Operational costs [day to day]

11.3      Overheads

12         Implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan

12.1      The Launch

12.2      Get organised

12.3      Be professional and considerate

12.4     Be practical

12.5      Put in the time and the effort

12.6     Keep track of interventions

12.7      Build Stakeholder Capacity

12.8     Some implementation thoughts

12.9     Engagement activities

12.10    The role of the CEO

13         Corporate Governance

14        Integrated Reporting

15         Review and Report

15.1      Undertake Review Workshop

15.2      Enhance training

16        Conclusion

Monthly report example


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