Quick, before the New Year disappears!

We are well into the New Year!

It’s a good time to review your stakeholder engagement plan, before it gets too busy.

Some pointers to help you:

  • Have there been any major changes within any of your key stakeholders, that will affect their relationship with your organisation? Do you have the networks to provide this information?
  • Have new issues emerged, or have some issues morphed into other forms? What mechanisms do you have to detect emerging and morphing issues?
  • Is your organisation engaging fittingly. Do the behaviours of the executives conducting the engagements match the level of engagement required? Look at the behaviours, not the words they use to describe the behaviours.
  • Do stakeholder -facing executives need a quick refresher on your stakeholder plan and engagement skills?
  • Look back over your monthly and quarterly stakeholder engagement reports. Do you see patterns or trends? Is a change of course required?
  • A senior level review of your organisation’s stakeholder engagement plan is useful. Hire an outside person to look over it for you and make innovative suggestions.

Remember , your stakeholder engagement plan is only as good as your last engagements.

Keep engaging for an agreeable 2017!

Author: James Forson

James Forson spends a great deal of time near the centre of an intricate Venn diagram where management consulting, fiction and business writing, social investment governance, home-grown vegetables and procrastination overlap.