From Them to Us: the South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.

I am crowdfunding a practical how-to book on stakeholder engagement. I know that it will be a valuable addition in your professional life.

I have spent the last nine years developing tried and tested tools and methods for effective stakeholder engagement in our South African context. They address the requirements of AA1000SES, King IV and Integrated Reporting. I have captured these along with time-saving tips and techniques in a book: From Them to Us: the South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.

I want all stakeholder engagement practitioners to have this book. I am crowdfunding the finalisation and publication of the book through Thundafund. So I need your support to make it a reality.

Milestone 1: If we raise R 30,000 we are able to do the editing, book design, cover design and proof reading.

Milestone 2: If we raise a further R 30,000, we are able to print 1000 copies of the book.

No matter which option you select, you will receive a copy of

“From Them to Us; The South African Guide to Stakeholder Engagement.”

The cheapest participation option starts at a very realistic R 150-00. There are some great value-for-money corporate options too! To secure your personal copy of the book go to :

To see the detailed Table of Contents, go to:

Build your career as a competent stakeholder engagement professional!

Author: James Forson

James Forson spends a great deal of time near the centre of an intricate Venn diagram where management consulting, fiction and business writing, social investment governance, home-grown vegetables and procrastination overlap.